When the weight of the snow becomes heavy enough (many tons can be common) the snow pack may begin to slide off the roof. Often taking conventional gutters (holding the snow on the roof) with it.

The PRIORITY Alpine Snow & Storm Gutters allow snow to freely slip over the edge without damaging the gutters at all.



A heavy snow/ice pack sliding off a roof will simply bend the gutters downward allowing the snow/ice pack to slide straight over. The elastic gutters will spring back into shape immediately.
A back plate (the rear section of the Snow & Storm Gutters) extends below the roofing material and is used for attaching the gutters to the roof. The back plate also doubles as a preventative measure for ice damming problems.
The gutter has an almost enclosed lower channel. It is not entirely closed so as ice building up during the freeze thaw process will be able to pop out.

1: Conventional gutter & ice dam.


2: Conventional gutter failing.


3: Snow & Storm gutter is flexible.


The PRIORITY Alpine Snow & Storm Gutters have a large back plate, under the roofing material, to reduce the damaging effects of ice damming.



ABOVE: Model in the Australian Innovation Festival - Melbourne




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