Leaf Guard


The upside-down gutter design will virtually eliminate that dangerous top of roof gutter-cleaning task. Leaves can simply blow over the top.  Our unique patented gutter system is designed to help make your home maintenance and hassle free.  


Snow & Ice damage protection


Above: Working, The PRIORITY Gutter


Above: The opposite side on the same day, an inefficient gutter. (Not the PRIORITY Snow & Storm Gutter) Note the icicles caused by ice damming.


Above: Exploding Ice, (Not The PRIORITY Gutter) This gutter is splitting from the pressure of ice within the enclosed unit.


The PRIORITY Snow & Storm Gutter has an open back to alleviate the pressure of ice build up during the freeze - thaw process.


Fire Protection


The upside-down gutter is virtually maintenance free and will ensure years of reliable operation. Their sturdy construction will resist cracking from extreme temperatures, heavy debris, ice and snow.  The upper channel is shallow and rounded, allowing most debris to simply blow off. The upper channel has holes to drain the water into the lower channel which is protected from most debris. The rear of the gutter has a back plate used for mounting. (no brackets necessary) The back plate extends up under the roofing material further protecting the home from hot ash in the case of bush fire.


Reduce Ice Damming


Ice dams often form when warm temperatures inside a home cause snow on the roof to melt and trickle to the roof's edge, where it refreezes -- blocking gutters and drains. With nowhere else to go, water seeps into the home through joins in corrugated roof sheets, tiles or shingles. This seepage can cause extensive damage to a home, particularly to roof decking, walls, ceilings, interior carpets and flooring.

When the weight of the snow becomes heavy enough (many tons is common) the snow pack may begin to slide off the roof. Often taking conventional gutters (holding the snow on the roof) with it. The PRIORITY Alpine Snow & Storm Gutters allow snow to freely slip over the edge without damaging the gutters at all.


Control run-off & erosion




The Key To Preventing Future Disasters...

                                                      ...Is On The Dunny Roof?

Many alpine buildings have inadequate gutter systems or in many cases no gutters at all. This lack of drainage is a major cause of erosion and failure of building foundations.


The Kosciusko National Parks & Wildlife Service was the first to utilise the new alpine gutter system. A high tech solar powered toilet block at Charlottes Pass houses the first fully operational alpine gutter system. After the failure of a heavy-duty stainless steel alpine gutter in the winter of 2000, the NPWS have opted for the only probable solution short of removing the gutters for the winter season.


Stop foundation damage to buildings/dwellings

Alpine buildings without gutters are susceptible to the damaging effects of erosion. Often stone filled drains are used to capture and carry the water away. Unfortunately if the water is not carried away effectively the soil becomes water logged and erosion begins, assisting foundation failure.

The Snow & Storm Gutter can effectively capture and channel rain water and melt water from the roof of the building. Snow and ice sheets sliding off the roof will slowly melt allowing the melt water more time to slowly drain away.

Snow & Storm Gutters used in conjunction with effective ground water channels will keep erosion and property damage to a minimum.



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ABOVE: Foundation damage.


Trap water for drinking, washing etc


Water For The World


Snow on the ground does not mean there is water in the tank. Many snow-affected areas worldwide do not have the benefit of town water. The upside-down gutter will benefit millions of people with one of the earth’s most precious commodities… WATER.





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